Philippians Epistle Commentary

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This is a verse-by-verse commentary written & taught by Tim Hegg.

Paul’s Epistle to the Philippians is one of four letters written while he was imprisoned. The others are: Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon. Much discussion among the commentators has centered around whether the Epistle to the Philippians was written by Paul while imprisoned in Caesarea (cf. Acts 24) or in Rome (Acts 28:14–31). Some argue that Paul was also imprisoned in Ephesus, and that he wrote the Epistle of Philippians while incarcerated there.

The occasion for Paul’s writing this epistle may have been that when Epaphroditus was sent to Paul in order to give him things needed to sustain him while in prison (Philippians 2:25), he also made known to Paul some difficulties the believing assembly in Philippi were undergoing, difficulties that required the community to be admonished by the Apostle.

In concluding the epistle with words of kindness and thanksgiving, Paul demonstrates his true love and care for those within the believing community, and thereby wraps his previous strong admonitions with a true sense of desire that they would be blessed as they received the truth and put it into practice.

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