Ephesians: A Commentary on The Epistle – Book

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In the Epistle to The Ephesians, Paul especially teaches and emphasizes the Doctrines of Grace. These are foundational truths for all who confess Yeshua to be their Lord and Savior, meaning that they affirm Yeshua to be God in the flesh, the only One capable of procuring eternal salvation for all who come to Him in faith. Not only does Paul emphasize the Doctrines of Grace in Ephesians, but he likewise shows how God’s grace, freely given to those He draws to Himself, is transforming their lives so that they are more and more becoming like Yeshua Himself. Understanding what God has done through His sovereign grace and how His mercy and grace in Yeshua have given new life to be lived out by those He has saved, is essential for all who are “in Yeshua” to know and also, by means of the empowering Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), to live out. Ephesians is a compact treasure trove of these truths!

Tim Hegg’s 416-page commentary on this wonderful epistle takes the reader verse by verse through this book and looks at the historical background of Paul’s writing, while also taking into account the grammatical nuances of the original language. Beyond this, Hegg approaches the text from the understanding that Paul was not speaking against the law of God, but kept and affirmed the Torah.