Why We Keep Torah: Ten Persistent Questions – Book

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Those who have felt a calling to keep the Torah, usually find themselves faced with the same persistent questions. As a result, many find themselves searching for answers to these common questions. In this popular series, Tim Hegg looks at ten of the most common questions posed to those who strive to keep Torah.

The Ten Questions:

  1. Didn’t Yeshua Declare All Foods Clean?
  2. If We Are to Keep Torah, What About Animal Sacrifice?
  3. If Yeshua and His Apostles Changed the Sabbath to Sunday, Doesn’t That Prove the Torah has Been Replaced?
  4. “Doesn’t Paul Dismiss the Torah’s Laws about Food, Festivals, New Moons, and Sabbath in Colossians 2?”
  5. In Peter’s vision (Acts 10), didn’t God make it clear that there was no longer any need to keep the food laws of the Torah?
  6. Paul makes it clear that we are “not under the Law.” Doesn’t that mean that we no longer are required to obey the Torah?
  7. If Paul abolished the commandment of circumcision, doesn’t that prove that the Law has been abolished?
  8. Didn’t the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15) make it clear that the Torah was only for Jewish people?
  9. Wasn’t the Law given to condemn sinners and not as a guide for living righteously? (1 Tim 1:8; Gal 3:19)
  10. Didn’t God abolish the ceremonial and civil parts of the Law, requiring of us only the moral laws?

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