Weekly Bible Study – Online Class

Wednesday Night Live 7:00pm PST$0.00

Every Wednesday, 7:00-8:00pm (Pacific Time)

TorahResource offers a live, ongoing, online Bible Study open to all who would like to attend and participate—for FREE!

The class is hosted through an online conferencing service which allows the students to see Tim, view his computer screen and interact with him through an online forum in real-time. Class handouts are also provided in a PDF file 30 minutes before the class begins.

Currently Featuring: A Study on The Epistle of James

On January 8, 2020 Tim Hegg began a study through the Epistle of James, the first of the “general Epistles,” so called because these epistles lack a specific address to a community within a given location. Since the “general Epistles” are not identified as being sent to a specific region or community of believers, it is more difficult to reconstruct the historical background and/or situations to which these epistles belong. Yet, when studied carefully, they bear the stamp of authenticity and of being the work of divine inspiration.