TorahResource Institute exists to provide advanced education in biblical and related studies in order to prepare leaders and teachers at all levels for the Messianic, Torah movement.

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We Offer Two Paths for You to Get a Quality Education Online!

Path 1.) Individual Courses

We offer our classes as individual, stand-alone courses. Take a single class, take two classes, or more. You can tailor each quarter to your own learning preference.

Worried you might want to qualify for one of our Certificate Programs at some point in the future? No problem, as long as you successfully complete your class, the credits earned can be applied to a Certificate Program at any point.

Path 2.) Certificate Program

Flexible certificate program options make it possible for you to be a full-time or part-time student without sacrificing the commitments that are most important to you. By taking one or more classes during each quarter, you will move through the program at your own pace. The online programs all allow you to study from anywhere, at any time.

No previous college credits are required to begin a TorahResource Institute program. You can complete all of your courses and your electives entirely online. TorahResource Institute classes are taught at the college and masters levels. Students are generally required to have graduated from high school to enroll in the classes we offer (we are glad to welcome homeschooled graduates). For those students enrolling in the two and three year program, it is advisable to have completed at least two years of college, and preferable to have earned a bachelor’s degree. Those who enroll at TorahResource Institute must also profess a personal faith in Yeshua Messiah and have a lifestyle consistent with their profession of faith.

1 Year Program - Certificate in Biblical Studies
2 Year Program - Certificate in Religious Studies
3 Year Program - Certificate in Advanced Biblical & Religious Studies

The Certificate Programs build one upon the other, so that the two year program begins by completing the same first year courses as the one year program, and the three year program begins by completing the courses required for the two year program. In each Certificate Program, a student may opt to spread out the required classes over a longer period of time, but the programs are designed so that a student could complete the program in one, two, or three years if he or she so desired.

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The 4 Steps to Register at TorahResource Institute

Step 1. Choose a Certificate Program.

Browse the three Certificate Program options and select the one that fits your needs. Click Here


Step 2. Submit Application Form.

Download, fill out, and submit a Student Application Form indicating which Certificate Program you desire to enroll in. Download Now


Step 3. Register for Class(es)

Once your application has been accepted you can then register for the class(es) you wish to take. Student Services is available to assist you in selecting the courses that would best fit your schedule.

If you are not enrolling in a Certificate Program, this is where you start. Simply select a class and register!


Step 4. Get Educated!

Be sure to look over your class syllabus early and order any necessary books and resources as soon as possible. Also, over the first couple of weeks, be sure to mindfully develop your own study routine and schedule time to interact on the class forums. Remember, while online courses are convenient for people with busy schedules, they require discipline, diligence, and a good support team. Be sure to contact your instructor or Student Services if you are having any problems during your enrollment.