TorahResource Institute

TorahResource Institute exists to provide advanced education in biblical and related studies in order to prepare leaders and teachers at all levels for the Messianic, Torah movement.


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TorahResource Institute seeks to provide quality education at an affordable rate.

“Our goal is to offer a quality educational experience that will provide our students with tools for a lifetime of learning. This means we are committed to academic excellence in biblical studies that encourages and enhances the pursuit of godliness.

For years the Lord has burdened me for the need we have to educate leaders and teachers within the Torah movement. Clearly we live in a time when information is available as never before, and in many ways, this is a great advantage for anyone who desires to learn and to teach. However, as we all know, the availability of information has also created the very big problem of misinformation. In our times, teachers and students of the word of God must be well equipped to separate truth from error—to know the difference between the mere speculations of imaginative minds and genuine facts based upon solid evidence and primary sources.

But knowing the facts, as essential as this is, is not enough. Teachers and Leaders in a Torah community must also be spiritually fit. They must have hearts and minds that have been overwhelmed with the glory of God’s grace in His Messiah, Yeshua, and are passionate to share with others the riches they themselves have found in Him. In one sense, a good teacher is simply a beggar who has found bread, and is eager to tell other beggars where they can find it too.”

– Tim Hegg, M.Div., Th.M., President / Instructor