Tuition & Fees

TorahResource Institute seeks to provide quality education at an affordable rate. Making the decision to take classes represents an investment in your personal and spiritual growth. For a high quality education, students expect to pay the typical exorbitant rates that colleges charge, but at TorahResource Institute, we strive to keep costs low so that anyone who wishes to pursue an education in Biblical Studies may do so.

Cost Per Quarter Hour: $125

Generally, language classes are two quarter hours (each quarter). Theological, historical and biblical studies classes are generally 3 quarter hours (each quarter).  Tuition does not include required textbooks and other ancillary materials. Tuition rates are subject to change.

If taken in the recommended order (not including early registration discounts and books):
$3,000 – Year 1
$3,125 – Year 2
$1,875 – Year 3
$1,250 – 10 Quarter Hours of Electives
$9,375 – Total

Our Price vs the National Average

The national average cost per college credit hour in the U.S. is $456 – $1,642*. The cost per credit hour at TorahResource Institute is $125.

*How Much a College Credit Hour Costs, by Dragana Filipovic (July 24, 2023)

Monthly Payments

A monthly payment option is offered when registering for any course. The cost is divided into 3 monthly installments the first of which will be made at registration. The next two payments will be spread out over the next two months of the quarter and automatically charged to your credit or debit card.

Distributing the cost of the classes over three months will free up funds for students allowing them to purchase the required text books for each course.

Student Sponsorships

Sponsor an Up-and-Coming Torah Scholar or Messianic Leader in your community!

We hope individuals and communities will take up the challenge of sponsoring students that are unable to pay tuition costs on their own. Sponsorship can be set up for individual students, and any amount of money can be allocated to a specific students tuition. It is because of the generous donations of others that some of our students are able to attend their classes.

To sponsor a particular student, please contact Student Services.

To contribute to our Scholarship Fund and support students with financial needs, Click Here.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Give the Gift of Education!

TorahResource Institute has students from around the world, and from all walks of life. Although we strive to keep our costs extremely low, there are still those who do not have the ability to pay for their education. TorahResource Institute offers scholarships every single quarter. These Scholarships are merit based, and require an application for those requesting financial assistance.

To apply for a Scholarship or Financial Aid, download, fill out, and submit a completed Student Application. In the required “Autobiographical Essay” please explain your financial hardship:  Financial Aid and Scholarship Request