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One Year Schedule: Shabbat Sukkot

Three Year Schedule: Parashah 151

The Hardback Shabbat Siddur by TorahResource is Back in Print!

Shabbat Siddur: Tehillot HaMashiach in Hardback
The Hardback Shabbat Siddur is now available for purchase through our online store. All purchases made before Monday, September 27th, should be received by early November.

The hardback Shabbat Siddur has been one of the most requested items from our product catalog however, we have not been able to carry it because of the difficulties we've faced in getting it printed. Now, thanks to advancements in printing technology, we are able to provide this product once again.

These siddurs are perfect for individual, family, or community use on Erev Shabbat, Shabbat Morning, and other occasions.

Pre-order your copy today!

The Philippians Study will resume on September 29th

A Study on The Epistle to the Philippians

Following the Fall Festivals, Tim Hegg will resume his study through Paul's Epistle to the Philippians. This class is a live, ongoing, online Bible Study open to all who would like to attend and participate—for FREE! The class is hosted through an online conferencing service which allows the students to see Tim, view his computer screen and interact with him through an online forum in real-time. Class handouts are also provided in a PDF file 30 minutes before the class begins.