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This Week's Torah Portion:

One Year Schedule: Vaetchanan

Three Year Schedule: Parashah 45

Registration is now open for the 2022/23 Fall Quarter at TorahResource Institute.

TorahResource Institute is an Online teaching ministry where Bible-based courses are taught at the college and masters levels from a Messianic perspective.

The 2022/23 Fall Quarter at TorahResource Institute begins on Tuesday, September 6th. Register before August 19th to receive an early registration discount.

This Summer, TorahResource Institute is offering Two Free, Online Classes!

This summer join instructors, Rob Vanhoff and Tim Hegg, in two online classes. Each class will consist of one pre-recorded lecture. The lectures open to all who would like to attend and participate—for FREE!

For details about each class click the registration button below. These classes will be released on Monday, August 1st. Be sure to sign up today!

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