Is the Torah Only for Jews?

This paper is a response to the “Definition of Messianic Judaism” by the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations. In this study I want to deal with a belief not only held by some in mainline Christian theologies, but also heard from teachers within ‘Messianic Judaism.’ This is the view that the Torah is the special … Read more

Bilateral Ecclesiology is Not Biblical

Within the Messianic movement there are those who are teaching Bilateral Ecclesiology. This theology teaches that God has one people separated into two groups. The Jewish believers should be in their own groups keeping Torah, and the Gentiles should be in the Church. As a result, many have found themselves feeling like outcasts. In this article Tim Hegg shows bilateral ecclesiology to be man made. Hegg shows the Bible does not instruct us to build the body of Messiah in this way.

Unity of Torah

Is there unity in Torah? Or did God give laws that separate His people? Have you heard things said like…

Assessment of the Divine Invitation Teaching

This article is primarily a critical review of “One Law and the Messianic Gentile,” Messiah Journal 101(Aug 2009), 46–70, published by First Fruits of Zion. Tim Hegg investigates the Divine Invitation teaching put forth by FFOZ. Divine Invitation teaches that the Torah is for the Jewish people. Gentiles, on the other hand, are not obligated, but invited to keep the Torah. This theology separates the body of Messiah into two groups. Hegg shows this teaching to be biblically baseless.