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  Hanukkah Micro-Course  

The Hanukkah Micro-Course

with Rob Vanhoff

The Maccabee’s success in reclaiming and cleansing the Temple in Jerusalem marks a significant moment in the history of God’s people. Hanukkah is the holiday commemorating their victory. We who belong to Yeshua should acknowledge this importance and celebrate the Feast of Dedication (or the Festival of Lights as it was alternatively called in ancient times). Our 45-min “micro-course” is designed to help believers and Bible students deepen their understanding of several less familiar aspects to the history and lore surrounding Hanukkah.
Step 1. Download and complete the “Hanukkah Quiz.” You can print out as many copies as you need, or simply write your answers on a separate piece of paper.
Step 2. With your answers in hand, start the video as Rob goes through each of the 20 questions.
Step 3. Pause or review portions of the video as necessary, taking notes and writing down follow-up questions.
Step 4. After completing Steps 1–3, if you have any questions feel free to email Rob directly: