803ARM – Biblical Aramaic – Online Class

Pay in Full$220.00
Pay in Installments$75.00 / month for 3 months

Two-quarters of Beginning biblical Aramaic. These two classes must be taken in order and require a working knowledge of the Hebrew Language. Students are required to take Beginning Biblical Hebrew or test out in order to take this class.

Textbooks: Miles V. Van Pelt, Basics of Biblical Aramaic: Complete Grammar, Lexicon, and Annotated Text  (Zondervan, 2011)

Instructor: Rob Vanhoff, MA

Course Options: This class can be taken as a standalone class or can be taken as part of a certificate program.

Standalone: Beginning Hebrew Grammar is a prerequisite for taking this class. A study of Biblical Aramaic; grammar, and reading of the Aramaic portions of the Tanach.

Program Path: This class is not required for any of the certificate programs, but does count as 2 quarter hours and can be applied towards elective hours which are required for a two and three-year certificate.

Course Requirements: Beginning Hebrew Grammar is a prerequisite for taking this class. This class requires the ability to proficiently read the English language, biblical Hebrew, listen to audio lectures, and basic knowledge of a computer with an internet connection.

Workload: The average workload each week is around 3 hours. This includes an hour-long lecture, assigned reading, as well as interaction in the class forum, and a weekly live class.