803BibSt – Readings in 2nd Temple Non-Canonical Literature

Pay in Full$310.00
Pay in Installments$105.00 / month for 3 months

General Description: In this course, students will gain exposure to extra-biblical texts from the Second Temple Period. Selections from Jewish texts in Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew (Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha, Dead Sea Scrolls, etc…) will be read in English translation along with secondary scholarly works seeking to provide historical and cultural context.

Textbooks: No Required Textbook: Readings (in English) will be provided by the Instructor.

Instructor: Rob Vanhoff, MA

Course Options: This class can be taken as a standalone class or can be taken as part of a certificate program.

Standalone: This class dives into various extant works from the 2nd temple period giving the student a good grasp of the literary climate leading up to, and during the time of Yeshua. This class is reading heavy but is great for adults who are able to spend the time this course requires. This course would also be suitable for teens that love to read.

Program Path: This class is not required for any of the certificate programs, but does count as 3 quarter hours and can be applied towards elective hours which are required for a two and three-year certificate.

Course Requirements: This class requires the ability to proficiently read the English language, listen to audio lectures, and basic knowledge of a computer with an internet connection.

Workload: The average workload each week is around 6 hours. This includes an hour-long lecture, assigned reading, as well as interaction in the class forum. Three or four response papers are also assigned.