804Heb – Continuing Hebrew Reading: The Elijah and Elisha Cycle Continued – Online Class

Sundays 8:00am PST$130.00
Sundays 7:00pm PST$130.00

Have you taken two full years of Hebrew at TorahResource Institute or elsewhere? Would you like an opportunity to practice reading and continue learning Hebrew with a small group in weekly online meetings?

If you are interested in an online, continuing reading class to enhance your ability to read Biblical Hebrew, then this class is for you.

Day & Times: Sundays at 8:00 am and 7:00pm (Pacific Time)

Goal: To read Biblical Hebrew more fluently. This will be accomplished by reading the text in order to acquire vocabulary, review grammar and learn principles of discourse analysis.

General Description:

  • 3 hours of preparation per week
  • Vocabulary notes are provided by instructor
    • These will expand upon the vocabulary of the First Hebrew Primer.
  • Grammar and translation reference sheets provided by instructor
  • 11 Weekly live sessions, 1 1/2 hours long each
  • Reading from 1 Kings 20 and onwards in Hebrew
  • During live class: Reading Hebrew, translating out loud and discussing features of grammar and syntax.
  • Review material and articles provided by the instructor

Required Textbooks:

1) A print Biblica Hebraica Stuttgartensia, (German Bible Society) or an acceptable print equivalent. A Hebrew-English Interlinear Old Testament/Tanakh is not acceptable. If this textbook is cost-prohibitive, please contact the instructor.

2) Matthew H. Patton and Frederic Clarke Putnam, Basics of Hebrew Discourse: A Guide to Working with Hebrew Prosody and Poetry, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan, 2019.

3) Ronald J. Williams, Williams’ Hebrew Syntax, 3rd edition, edited by John C. Beckman, Toronto, Ontario: University of Toronto, 2007, 248 pages.

Recommended Optional Textbooks:
(These may be referred to as need be)

1) E. Simon, L. Motzkin and I. Resnikoff, First Hebrew Primer, 3rd edition, Oakland, California: EKS Publishing, 2005, 401 pages.

2) Bruce K. Waltke, M. O’Connor, (An Introduction to) Biblical Hebrew Syntax, Winona Lake, Indiana: Eisenbrauns, 1990, 765 pages.

3) Paul Joüon, S.J. & T. Muraoka, A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew, Revised Edition, Rome, Italy: Editrice Pontifico Istituto Biblico, 2006, 772 pages.


Instructor: André-Philippe Therrien

Course Options: This class can be taken as a standalone class or can be taken as part of a certificate program.

Program Path: Those who would like to add this to their certificate program may do so. It is not required for any of the programs but does count as 1 QTR hour.

Course Requirements: Two years of Hebrew at TorahResource Institute (or equivalent). This class also requires basic knowledge of a computer, a good internet connection, headphones, and an external or built-in microphone.