Holy Spirit: His Person and Work

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In this five-part lecture series, Tim Hegg looks at the work and person of the Holy Spirit. Tim begins by looking to the Scriptures to understand how the Word describes and talks about the Holy Spirit and looks at the idea by some that the Scriptures do not teach the Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. Tim then moves on to look at the work of the Holy Spirit in order to answer some very common questions (and objections) concerning the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and the Trinity. Tim brings his usual style mixing solid scholarship with easy to understand teaching that makes this series a wonderful resource to have in your personal, or community, collection.

Individual Audio Lectures

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The Person of the Holy Spirit $3.00

Did the Holy Spirit Indwell Believers Before Acts 2? $3.00

Tongues: A Biblical Investigation $3.00

Praying in the Spirit $3.00

What Does it Mean to be “Filled with the Spirit? $3.00