Law Vs. Grace

Law VS Grace

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What does it mean to be under grace or under law? Traditionally it has been taught that being under grace means we no longer have to keep the Torah. This view is being challenged by many who are coming to an understanding of the joys of living out a life of Torah. This engaging series challenges the traditional view of Romans 6:14 and proposes a new look at this and other passages.

Unlike the mainstream view that this passage does away with the laws of Torah, Tim presents the case that to be “under the law” means to be under the condemnation and curse of the law. According to this view, when a person comes to faith in the Messiah Yeshua, they are no longer “under law” but under grace, meaning they are no longer under the curse and condemnation of the law, but are set free to follow Yeshua. How do we follow Yeshua? If you love Me, keep My Commandments.

Three lectures in video or audio format.

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