Beginning Hebrew

Beginning Hebrew Grammar

Direct Download$64.98
Media Format: 3 Discs$75.00
DVD: 17 Discs$129.98

Tim Hegg walks us through the First Hebrew Primer (not included, available in the book section of TR), and helps explain the various rules and pronunciations of the biblical Hebrew language. If a student gets through all 30 chapters of the book with the videos they should have a good enough handle on the Hebrew language to be able to read certain passages within the Hebrew Bible.

Hegg teaches the student to read block script and to write cursive Hebrew, and gives a detailed understand of the various paradigms within the language helping to not only translate but have a better grasp of the language itself.


Direct Download: 30 lecture in MOV format downloaded in Zip files. The files are quite large, with the biggest being 4.3 gigs. Once downloaded and opened, the individual movies can be played on any device that supports MOV files.

Media Format: 30 lectures in MOV format to easily play and transfer files on the computer, tablet or smartphone. Audio MP3 CD with exercises for pronunciation and memorization.

DVD Format: 30 lectures on 17 DVD’s playable on your computer or in a DVD player. Perfect for classrooms, group study or for individual study. Audio MP3 CD with audio reading of exercises for pronunciation and memorization easily duplicated and transferable.