Rabbinic Literature

Rabbinic Literature: God’s Authority or Man’s Tradition?

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The function and place of rabbinic literature within the life of a believer is becoming a hot topic within believing Torah communities. Some are suggesting that the rabbinic literature holds divine authority for believers. This view is strongly challenged in this informative series. A historic understanding of the formation of rabbinic literature is key to truly understanding this debate.

Many within the Torah movement are turning to the Mishnah and Talmud as authoritative. Does a believer need these writings to understand the Scriptures? In this series, Caleb Hegg looks at the formation of Rabbinic literature. Caleb shows that these texts certainly can not be divinely inspired and challenges these claims. Looking first at Matthew 23, a text often used to claim rabbinic authority, Caleb looks at the term “Seat of Moses.” This series then moves to the historical landscape of Europe and various different Jewish theologies. Caleb surveys the rise of Jewish mysticism and various different figures to better understand the theological backdrop. Finally, Caleb looks at the Zohar and some of the more concerning beliefs and practices found within.