Rabbinic Literature: God’s Authority or Man’s Tradition?

Rabbinic Literature
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Join us for an enlightening three-part lecture series with Caleb Hegg as he delves deep into the intriguing world of historical sources and asks the question if Rabbinic Literature should be seen as holding divine authority. In an era where many individuals within the Torah movement are turning to the Mishnah and Talmud as authoritative texts, questions arise: Does a believer truly need these writings to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Scriptures? Are they divinely inspired or a product of human tradition? Caleb Hegg explores these pivotal questions in his thought-provoking series, “Rabbinic Literature: God’s Authority or Man’s Tradition?”

Caleb Hegg beings this series by embarking on a journey into the heart of the debate surrounding Rabbinic authority. Through analysis of the biblical text, specifically Matthew 23, he examines the enigmatic concept of the “Seat of Moses.” Is it a legitimate foundation for asserting rabbinic authority? Caleb challenges the claims made about this passage, paving the way for a deeper exploration into the main topic of rabbinic authority in the life of a believer..

Caleb then leads us through the historical landscape of Europe, unveiling the diverse world of Jewish theologies. With a keen eye for detail, he surveys the rise of Jewish mysticism and introduces us to various influential figures who have shaped the theological backdrop of Orthodox Judaisms. This lecture provides essential context for understanding the evolution of Rabbinic thought.

Caleb concludes this series by delving into the depths of the Zohar, one of the most renowned texts in Jewish mysticism. He scrutinizes the more contentious beliefs and practices found within this enigmatic work. With in-depth research and a critical perspective, Caleb sheds light on the aspects of the Zohar that have sparked both fascination and concern.

Whether you are a seasoned scholar or a curious seeker of knowledge, “Rabbinic Literature: God’s Authority or Man’s Tradition?” offers a unique opportunity to engage with complex historical and theological issues. Caleb Hegg’s engaging presentations promise to challenge preconceptions and inspire meaningful discussions about the place of Rabbinic Literature in understanding the Scriptures. Don’t miss this enlightening series that encourages critical thinking and deeper exploration of this fascinating subject.

Many within the Torah movement are turning to the Mishnah and Talmud as authoritative. Does a believer need these writings to understand the Scriptures? In this series, Caleb Hegg looks at the formation of Rabbinic literature. Caleb shows that these texts certainly can not be divinely inspired and challenges these claims. Looking first at Matthew 23, a text often used to claim rabbinic authority, Caleb looks at the term “Seat of Moses.” This series then moves to the historical landscape of Europe and various different Jewish theologies. Caleb surveys the rise of Jewish mysticism and various different figures to better understand the theological backdrop. Finally, Caleb looks at the Zohar and some of the more concerning beliefs and practices found within.

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