Why We Keep Torah: Ten Persistent Questions

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Those who have felt a calling to keep the Torah, usually find themselves faced with the same persistent questions. As a result, many find themselves searching for answers to these common questions. In this popular series, Tim Hegg looks at ten of the most common questions posed to those who strive to keep Torah.

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Didn’t Yeshua Declare all Foods Clean in Mark 7? $2.00

What About Animal Sacrifice? $2.00

Did Yeshua and His Disciples Change the Sabbath to Sunday? $2.00

What About Colossians 2? $2.00

What About Peter’s Vision? $2.00

We’re Not Under the Law! $2.00

Didn’t Paul Abolish Circumcision? $2.00

What About Acts 15? $2.00

The Law Was Given to Condemn! $2.00

The Ceremonial Parts of the Law are Abolished $2.00