Acts: Igniting The Abrahamic Promise

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Many have seen Acts as the beginning of the Church age, but is this really how Paul and the Apostles saw these events? In this commentary on the book of Acts, Caleb Hegg takes the view that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit was given to take the message of Christ to the nations, not to start something new, but to fulfill the promise given to Abraham. Hegg also comes to the text with the understanding that the first-century believers continued to love and uphold God’s law, and even participated in the temple service. This pronomian (pro-law) perspective helps the text fall nicely into place and allows us to fully realize the theology presented in this biblical text. This 455-page commentary works through the book of Acts section by section. Hegg gives special attention to circumcision in the first century and suggests this term can be used as a short-hand for a formal conversion process. The inclusion of the Gentiles into the covenant people of God was so foreign to the Jewish people that they are willing to kill Paul for such a belief. Hegg looks at the theological shift Paul has and how the Abrahamic Promise is the central element to this new understanding. Included in this commentary are sections on:

  • The Samaritans
  • Baptism
  • Jesus and Agency
  • The term “Begotten”
  • A look at the timeline of Acts 11 and Galatians 2
  • Circumcision in the first century
  • The terms “Custom of Moses” and “works of the law.”
  • Views on Timothy’s Circumcision

Beyond this, Hegg gives a detailed look at Acts 10 and Acts 15 to address some of the common beliefs of scholars and the mainstream view that these passages do away with various aspects of God’s law.

  • 455 Pages
  • 6×9 Format
  • Paperback or PDF
  • Excursus on various topics including baptism in the first century and circumcision in the Apostolic Scriptures.