Great Commission

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How Yeshua Defines Taking God’s Light into the World

Yeshua commanded us to “make disciples of all the nations,” but before we do, we first need to know what a disciple is. Living a life that reflects the life of Messiah Yeshua is a key component of the great commission. This 2-part series focuses on being a disciple of Yeshua and following in His footsteps before going out and making disciples for Him.

Many believe the mission field is in a 3rd world country or in an outreach program with a youth group. In this exciting series, Tim Hegg shows that we should start making disciples where we are in our own life. Tim suggests that, while outreach is important, we should be fulfilling the great commission in our personal relationships. Parents, husbands, wives, children are the place where we have the biggest impact.

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