My Big Fat Greek Mindset

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A person’s worldview can shape politics, personal and family views, and much more. It also influences the way we read the Bible and walk out our faith. Imagine the difference between a modern-day westerners view of life compared to a first-century middle eastern view of life. Each perspective might interpret the same words of the Bible in a totally different light. This lecture series focuses on the worldview of first-century Judaism, giving you a new pair of “glasses” to view the Scriptures through. With just a bit of historical and theological background to first-century Judaism, the Scriptures open up in totally new ways.

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Plato’s Cave$2.00
Hebrew & Greek Logic$2.00

Keeping God in His Box$2.00

The World is Not My Home$2.00

Spiritual Schizophrenia Part 1$2.00

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