New Covenant: God’s Promise Fulfilled

New Covenant
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Step into a profound exploration of the New Covenant with Messianic teacher Tim Hegg in his riveting lecture series, “The New Covenant: God’s Promise Fulfilled.” In this series, Hegg offers a unique perspective, challenging conventional beliefs about the New Covenant by proposing that it is not bound by time and is inclusive of all God’s elect throughout history.

In this series, Tim Hegg draws from his extensive scriptural knowledge to unveil the truths of this fundamental concept. With a lifelong dedication to understanding the Word of God, Hegg presents a compelling argument that the New Covenant is not limited to a specific period but is, in fact, timeless and spans generations.

Throughout the series, Hegg explores the idea that this relationship extends beyond historical boundaries and encompasses all of God’s chosen people, from ancient times to the present. This perspective offers a deeper understanding of God’s enduring relationship with His elect.

The lecture series challenges traditional interpretations, offering fresh insights into its relevance for contemporary believers. Hegg’s teachings prompt a reevaluation of theological boundaries and encourage a renewed perspective on faith.

Practical applications are woven throughout the lectures, helping participants integrate this expanded understanding of the New Covenant into their lives. Tim Hegg provides guidance on how to live in accordance with this timeless relationship and its promises. Through meticulous scriptural analysis, Hegg argues that every one of God’s chosen people, from the earliest days of creation to the present, has been a part of this Covenant. This perspective invites a deeper understanding of God’s enduring relationship with His elect.

This lecture series is a captivating and transformative series that will challenge preconceived notions about the New Covenant. Hegg’s dedication to biblical truth and scholarly approach make this lecture series essential for those seeking a deeper connection with the Word of God. Join us on this enlightening journey as we explore the boundless and inclusive nature of God’s relationship with His people.

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The New Covenant Introduction – Video $4.00

Paul and the New Covenant (2Cor. 3) – Video $4.00

What is New and What is Passing Away? (Heb. 9) – Video $4.00

Our Identity and the Covenant – Video $4.00

The New Covenant Introduction – Audio $2.00

Paul and the New Covenant (2Cor. 3) – Audio $2.00

What is New and What is Passing Away? (Heb. 9) – Audio $2.00

Our Identity and the Covenants – Audio $2.00