Hanukkah Micro-Course

A course of Hanukkah
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The Maccabee’s success in reclaiming and cleansing the Temple in Jerusalem marks a significant moment in the history of God’s people. Hanukkah is the holiday commemorating their victory. Although not a festival commanded in the Bible, the Jewish people have celebrated this day for over two thousand years. Beyond this, we are given notice in the Gospel of John that our Master Yeshua celebrated this feast.(John 10:22)

We who belong to Yeshua should acknowledge this importance and celebrate the Feast of Dedication (or the Festival of Lights as it was alternatively called in ancient times). Our 45-min “micro-course” is designed to help believers and Bible students deepen their understanding of several less familiar aspects to the history and lore surrounding Hanukkah.

Teacher Rob Vanhoff dives into the history of the day and gives a comprehensive look at this historical event. Vanhoff takes his audience through multiple first century sources and explores sources many might not even know exist. Learn things like where the main account of this story is found, when is the first time it is referred to as the “festival of lights”, what other first-century writers had to say about the history of Hanukkah, and much more.

This mini-course comes complete with a 45 minute video lecture and a PDF of a quiz for you to go over and help make the information stick in your mind.

This course is great for individuals, families, small groups, and congregations. It is also a wonderful resource for homeschool families to take their kids through so they can get a better understanding of the history and celebration of Hanukkah.