Introduction to Torah Living

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The truth of God’s commands and being sanctified through the Torah is sweeping the believing world. Many are coming to the understanding that they should be kept the commands of Torah. But what does this look like? In this course on Torah living, Tim Hegg takes you through some of the joyful commands that the Torah gives, like the Sabbath and the yearly festivals. Tim shows practical and traditional ways of keeping the rich laws, but also gives a clear understanding of what is simply tradition.

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Who is a Jew? $2.00

A Brief Overview of Judaism $2.00

First Century Judaisms $2.00

Rabbinic Judaism $2.00

The Synagogue and the Church $2.00

Synagogue Worship and Liturgy $2.00

Synagogue Liturgy & the Appointed Times $2.00

Synagogue Liturgy & the Appointed Times $2.00

The Appointed Times Part 1 $2.00

The Appointed Times Part 2 $2.00

The Appointed Times Part 3 $2.00

The Appointed Times Part 4 $2.00

Objections and Symbols in Jewish Worship $2.00

Cycle of Life: Kosher Laws $2.00