Doctrine of Salvation

Biblical Doctrine of Salvation – Book

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In this book, Tim Hegg gives an in-depth look at the Gospel message and God’s way of salvation to bring fallen man back into covenant relationship with Him. Starting with the fall in the garden and moving through the biblical narrative, Hegg gives a comprehensive study in man’s need for salvation and the way in which the living God has made to save us.

Hegg does not shy away from some of the more controversial topics in this study, rather, he dives head first into subjects such as God’s election and the idea of predestination, or the concept of a covenant made in the Garden with Adam and Eve.

A full treatment of each biblical covenant is also presented and attached to the revelation of God’s method of salvation. Throughout this book, our author masterfully connects all of the covenants showing that at the center of the salvation narrative is a deep loving relationship between God and His people.

Finally, Hegg finishes his book with the method of God’s salvation looking at topics such as Divine Calling, Regeneration, Atonement, Deliverance, Reconciliation, Justification and Sanctification.

This book is wonderful addition to anyone library and is a must have for those who are wanting to go deeper in the study of God’s way of Salvation.



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