Life Made New in Messiah

Life Made New
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Join us for an enlightening and transformative journey through the scriptures with renowned theologian and scholar, Tim Hegg, as he presents his captivating lecture series titled, “Life Made New in Messiah.” This series delves into the heart of the apostle Paul’s teachings, specifically focusing on the profound changes that occur in a believer’s life through their covenant relationship with God.

In the book of Romans, chapter 6 stands as a pivotal point where Paul lays out a theology of transformation through union with Messiah. Tim Hegg’s four-part lecture series takes an in-depth look at this chapter, unearthing its hidden gems and revealing the essence of how believers are reborn and renewed in their walk with Christ.

Part 1: Justification – United with Messiah in His Death (6:1–4)
In this foundational segment, Tim meticulously dissects the initial verses of Romans 6, shedding light on the concept of believers being united with Christ in His death. Through engaging exegesis and thought-provoking insights, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the significance of death to sin and the empowerment of a new life.

Part 2: Sanctification – United with Messiah in His Resurrection (6:5–11)
Continuing the journey, Hegg takes us through the next phase of transformation: sanctification through union with Christ’s resurrection. He unravels the theological implications of this concept, showing how the resurrection power enables believers to walk in newness of life, free from the bonds of sin and death.

Part 3: Being Who We Are – No Longer Slaves to Sin (6:12–14)
Tim brings into focus the practical implications of our transformed identity. Through insightful teachings, participants will grasp the reality of no longer being slaves to sin but being instruments of righteousness. This segment bridges the gap between theological truths and the day-to-day experience of a believer, offering guidance on living out the renewed life.

Part 4: Freed to Serve the One Who Loves Us (6:15–23)
Concluding the series, Hegg explores the liberating truth of being freed from sin’s dominion and welcomed into a loving relationship with God. Attendees will discover how this newfound freedom enables believers to serve their Creator with joy and devotion, living out their lives as a testimony to the transformative power of Christ.

This series represents an invaluable opportunity for individuals of various backgrounds to explore the theological depth of Romans 6. Whether one identifies as a seasoned theological scholar, a devout adherent, or an earnest seeker of profound spiritual understanding, the forthcoming experience guarantees to yield enrichment and empowerment in the ongoing pilgrimage of faith. Hegg’s expertly curated sessions encapsulate the theological significance of justification, sanctification, and liberation from sin’s bondage, fostering a nuanced comprehension of the believer’s metamorphosis within a covenant relationship with God.

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