Foundations: Building Torah Communities Founded on Yeshua

Torah Communities
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Introducing “Foundations: Building Torah Communities Founded on Yeshua” – a comprehensive and insightful resource curated by Messianic teacher, Tim Hegg. In a world where building a truly Godly community can be challenging, “Foundations” equips you with a treasure trove of knowledge to establish and nurture thriving Messianic congregations. Tim Hegg, a trusted authority in Messianic theology, brings his deep understanding of Scripture and years of teaching experience to guide you in creating communities centered on Yeshua and the Word.


The heart of “Foundations” lies within the meticulously crafted book that serves as the cornerstone of the package. Tim Hegg’s eloquent prose delves into the intricacies of biblical truth and doctrine, offering insights into the foundational principles required for cultivating strong Messianic communities. From exploring the nature of the New Covenant and its relationship to Torah, to addressing Paul’s perspective on Torah observance, every chapter delves into the theological bedrock essential for building a community rooted in the teachings of Yeshua.

Audio Lectures:

Tim Hegg’s resonant voice comes to life in the audio component of “Foundations.” These immersive lectures provide an auditory experience that complements the book, allowing you to absorb the teachings at your own pace, whether during your commute, daily routine, or moments of reflection. With clarity and passion, Tim covers a diverse range of topics, shedding light on the assembly Yeshua promised to build and the roles of Jews and Gentiles within it.

Video Lectures:

For those who appreciate visual learning, the video lectures in “Foundations” offer a dynamic way to engage with the material. Watch as Tim Hegg captivates your attention through his engaging presentations, breaking down complex theological matters into easily digestible insights. From thought-provoking discussions on the role of women in the Messianic assembly to unpacking the intricate relationships between diverse congregational members, these videos provide a rich learning experience.

Comprehensive Content:

“Foundations” is more than just a collection of resources; it’s a comprehensive guide to nurturing Messianic communities. Tim Hegg’s teachings transcend mere academic exploration, guiding you in applying these foundational principles to your congregation’s daily life. Gain the wisdom and tools necessary to foster an environment where Yeshua’s teachings are at the forefront, empowering both individuals and the collective to grow spiritually and relationally.

Whether you’re a leader striving to guide your community or an individual seeking to deepen your understanding of Messianic theology, “Foundations” offers an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and guidance. Embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and transformation as you uncover the timeless truths that will help you build and sustain strong, vibrant Messianic communities centered on Yeshua and the Word.

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Video Sessions

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Implementing What God Wants us To Be $4.00

What is Yeshua Building $4.00

Audio Sessions

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The Torah of Adonai (Psalm 19:7-11) $2.00

What is the New Covenant $2.00

Has God’s Way of Salvation Always Been the Same? $2.00

Is the Torah Divided into Moral, Ceremonial, Civil? $2.00

Acts 15: Is the Torah Only for the Jews? $2.00

Did Paul Give up on the Torah (1Cor. 9:19-23) $2.00

Does the Indwelling Spirit Replace the Torah Part 1 $2.00

Does the Indwelling Spirit Replace the Torah Part 2 $2.00

Jews and Gentiles in the Body of Messiah $2.00

How Did We Get Off Track $2.00

Battle Lines: The Scriptures $2.00

Battle Lines: Yeshua $2.00

Living Torah Leaders and Teachers in a Torah Community $2.00

Living Torah the Early Festivals $2.00

The Ekklesia Yeshua Promised to Build Part 1 $2.00

The Ekklesia Yeshua Promised to Build Part 2 $2.00

The Deity of Yeshua $2.00

The Sacred Name Theology $2.00

Identity Part 1 $2.00

Identity Part 2 $2.00

Every Wind of Doctrine $2.00

Were the Apostolic Scriptures Originally Written in Aramaic? $2.00

In the Footsteps of the Messiah $2.00

The Role of Women in the Messianic Assembly $2.00

Go and Make Disciples of All the Nations $2.00