Prophecy: Interpreting Biblical Prophecy

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Prophecy is one of the most interesting fields of biblical study and that’s why this series is so exciting!

The Interpreting Prophecy Series is a 2-part seminar by Tim Hegg.

In these teachings, Tim Hegg looks at various ways of interpretation when approaching biblical prophecy.

The goal of Volume 1, Interpreting Biblical Prophecy, is to help students gain insight into how biblical Prophecy works and an understanding of how to utilize a proper hermeneutic when interpreting biblical Prophecy. This will give the student a better understanding of some of the primary Prophetic texts in the Bible.

In Volume 2, Interpreting Daniel’s Prophecy, Tim takes the interpretation rules he taught in Volume 1, and applies them to a full study of the book of Daniel!

Our hope is that the principles taught in this series will challenge you to grow in your faith and love for God.

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