Themes in Galatians

Themes in Galatians
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Lectures: 3 Lectures each approximately 1hour and 20 minutes long.
Speaker: Rob Vanhoff
Location: Recorded in London Ontario in 2019

Crisis, Kinship, and the King

In this three-part series, Rob Vanhoff takes the audience through various passages within the book of Galatians and points out themes that Paul continues to use. This helps frame the entire book and helps us better understand the overall message of this important letter. Vanhoff shows that Paul is not swayed by fear of man and exhorts his audience to stand firm in Yeshua. Also examined is the theme of kinship and how ethnic background and social status is broken down through the death of the Messiah and we have become part of the family of God.

Recorded over three days in London Ontario, this series will give you a new perspective on the book of Galatians and help you better understand Paul’s clarification of the Gospel for a community in crisis.