Purim Micro-Course

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God’s wonderful and amazing “from behind-the-scenes” deliverance of the Jewish people from the evil schemes of Haman is celebrated every year (late winter) during the festival of Purim. Like Hanukkah, Purim is of course not found in the Torah of Moses, yet we know that this important biblical story of Esther was told and retold throughout the Second Temple Era.

Whether you’re familiar with the Book of Esther or even a first-time reader, the events it describes are suspenseful and engaging. It is a tradition to read the “Scroll of Esther” once a year for Purim, and this TorahResource “Micro-Course” is designed to help you “zero-in” on important aspects of this precious book of the Bible during this season.

This course is taught by Rob Vanhoff and includes a short 30 minute lecture with a “quiz” in PDF format so that you can check your own knowledge and help retain the information presented.