Romans Commentary

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Book: Volume 2 (PDF Also Available Upon Purchase)$18.95
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The book of Romans has been hailed as Paul’s magnum opus, and for good reason. This massive letter is not only Paul’s largest work but it is also full of huge theological concepts. In this two-volume commentary, Tim Hegg brings a fresh perspective to this Epistle by contending that, contrary to common Christian doctrine, Paul was not speaking against Christians keeping the law, but rather upholds covenant blessings and obligations for all covenant members, both Jew and Gentile alike.
Hegg’s vast understanding of first-century Judaisms, along with his knowledge of both biblical Hebrew and Greek, gives this commentary a wonderful outlook that others just don’t have.
Moving verse-by-verse through the text, Hegg is able to shed new light on Paul and the arguments going on in the first-century. Perfect for both scholars and lay Christians, this work is one that should be a part of everyone series Bible students library.